TRIBEZA Playlist: In Obscura

Even after SXSW is said and done, our city’s music scene never sleeps. Among Austin’s tireless musicians is Ian Varley, the mastermind behind In Obscura (IO), who has taken on the ambitious project of releasing one EP every month to create a steady stream of innovative sound. His latest work, Saga, dropped today, unveiling a lush soundtrack to inspire you this spring.

Hats Off to Dr. Seuss!

Since his first book almost a century ago, Theodor Seuss Geisel has enchanted readers young and old with his fantastical worlds—but of his characters, none is more captivating than Dr. Seuss himself. For the first time ever, Art on 5th invites us to discover the man behind the magic during Has Off to Dr. Seuss!, an extraordinary exhibition of Dr. Seuss’ hat collection and secret artwork.

SXSW Survival Guide: Highlights by Taylor Ellison

The thing about Southby is that not only do you discover new music, but your friends do too. And then—instead of getting together for the usual book club, Cards Against Humanity, or whatever guise your respective group uses for copious amounts of unsolicited weeknight drinking—you get around and swap songs and stories from shows rivaled by the likes of spring break sophomore year in college or the last night of Bonnaroo. SX brings the heat—and this year, more than ever before.

Spring Bounty

Design by Jett Butler of FÖDA Studio

Spring has sprung in Austin, and the Sustainable Food Center is celebrating the new season with a sumptuous evening of farmhouse dining. Spring Bounty is the latest installment in the SFC’s Chef Series and will be hosted by Rene Ortiz and Lauara Sawicki of La Condesa.

Riot Grrrl by Taylor Ellison

I started this blog post wanting to just direct everyone to make a mad dash for Elle King’s latest tunes after hearing the blues-infused rocker at KGSR’s live broadcast sessions during SXSW. That girl packed a pre-8am punch, and it was out of this world; not to mention she was rocking a stellar yellow suede jacket that I came to later find out was from Prototype (cue instant street cred) and exuded the energy of someone who just consumed a large Iced Turbo at Jo’s Coffee. Needless to say, I was sold.

SXSW Survival Guide: Alt-J by Taylor Ellison

Growing up in Austin means more than spending the summers at Barton Springs or considering queso a fourth food group. It means you have the incredible good fortune to be part of a culture in which your life is defined by a series of significant entertainment experiences and memories, all strung together to the tune of live music.

As an adult now living in this city, I’ve grown up with a sincere appreciation and almost dependence on a constant flow of new music. Lucky for myself—and listeners everywhere—this seems to be one of those windows in time where there are not enough hours in the day to listen to all of the incredible music available.

SXSW Survival Guide: Unofficial Edition by Gonash Haghshenas

Delorean will be performing at Fader Fort. Image courtesy of Jack Archer.  

The Renegade Makers

From Brooklyn to London, the Renegade Craft Fair has traveled across the globe, together with its curated selection of handmade goods. This May, the roving collection of curios and collectibles is setting up shop in Austin—and you’re invited to join the celebration!

The 10th Anniversary Great Grown-Up Spelling Bee for Literacy by Michelle Blam


Spelling bees aren't just for precocious 4th-graders anymore. Next month, the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas aims to keep Austin weird with the Great Grown-Up Spelling Bee, a quirky evening benefitting the organization's efforts to promote literacy.

For nearly a decade, the event has supported the network of nearly 50 community-based literacy programs that the Coalition maintains, from education organizations like Austin Community College to local nonprofits such as Any Baby Can. Held in the newly-remodeled Topfer Theatre of ZACH Theatre, the spelling bee hosts costumed teams of 3 that duke it out for title of "Best Spellers in Austin".

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