Austin Designer Launches esby Line on Feb 4

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Stephanie Beard was a menswear designer that saw a total shortage of timeless, quality pieces in womenswear and set out to change it. Enter esby, her debut clothing line that launches February 4 right here in Austin. Beard prides her designs in being simple, comfortable, versatile, and made in the USA. And I think in a world of flowers, frills, and fleeting trends, it’s exactly what women’s fashion needs.

VAC Hosts Austin Artist Michael Sieben by Emma Banks

Michael Sieben is at once commercial artist, fine artist, columnist, and editor. And now he has another accomplishment to add to his list: first ever Austin-based artist to be featured at the Visual Arts Center’s Vaulted Gallery.

Sieben will debut his first large-scale solo exhibition at the VAC on January 31, called “It Will Happen Again.” The exhibition will be completely unique to the Vaulted Gallery space and inspired by “skateboarding graphic design from the 1980s and children’s book illustrations from the 1970s,” Sieben says in his artist's statement. The show runs through May 10.

TRIBEZA Interiors Tour Recap by Christina Ewin

The first annual TRIBEZA Interiors Tour presented by Scott + Cooner and benefiting LifeWorks Austin was an absolute success. Judging by the Instagram posts of our 450+ attendees, the event drew many keen eyes into some of the best decorated homes in Austin. If you missed the event, check out these photos and be on the look out for next year's Interiors Tour.

Yoga & Welding by Emma Banks

It’s no secret that Austin is the place to be when you’re keen to discover new (and potentially unusual) fitness trends.

The latest? Yoga and…welding. Interesting combination, right? Founder of Design Build Adventure, Jack Sanders, says the two hour vinyasa class led by Kate Campbell beforehand is precisely what one needs to start their welding practice. Three hours of learning basic metalworking techniques follows in the afternoon with Sanders himself.

For Sanders, his workshop represents “an exercise in creativity and community.” He says it’s important to combine different forms of artistic expression.

To top it all off? “A campfire happy hour with cold beer, savory tacos and live music.” We’re in.

A Festive Night In: Christmas Playlist + Gift Wrapping Guide by Jacy Schleier

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Thai Bodywork at Hiatus Spa + Retreat by Leigh Patterson

"It’s like yoga for a lazy person."
This is what my Thai bodywork massage therapist told me as he explained the practice. Passive exercise; this is something I can get into.

On a recent search for a massage that was therapeutic (I had a mild back injury) but still relaxing enough to warrant a massage over a trip to the chiropractor, I booked an appointment for "Thai Bodywork" at Hiatus Spa + Retreat on W. 5th Street. Hiatus describes the treatment as a "meditative practice [which] moves energy around and out of the body." Drawing from Ayurvedic principles, the purpose of the traditional Thai massage is to bring the body into balance through rhythmic motions, compression, stretching, and acupuncture. In other words, it's not a typical massage.

'Twas Five Nights of Pie and Ice Cream by Jacy Schleier

We have great news for your holiday entertaining and for your taste buds: Lick Honest Ice Creams and Tiny Pies are teaming up for a genius collaboration! In honor of the holidays, 'Twas Five Nights of Pie and Ice Cream features seasonal combinations of locally made artisan pies paired with ice cream and topped with fresh whipped cream. On Wednesday, December 18th from 5-10pm, you can indulge in the sweetness.

Austin Christmas Lights Guide by Amy Pham

December has arrived! In the spirit of spreading holiday cheer, we are eager and ready for all of the light displays to be present and merry. We have compiled a list of some great places to find some of the best holiday lights in Austin.

37th Street: Hyde Park
Take a stroll down a famous street in the historical district of Austin! The Miracle of 37th Street is a block famously known for a community dedicated to Christmas light displays. This holiday display showcases the handiwork of a neighborhood committee devoted to creating a spirited and exciting holiday atmosphere through festive lighting and decorations.
For more information, click here 

Fall Recipe: Staff Picks by Jacy Schleier

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This week's fall recipe encompasses all things rich, creamy and comforting: buttery potatoes with lots and lots of cheese. The scalloped potatoes dish will make a perfect addition to any meal, or makes a lovely meal by itself when paired with a salad. It's a versatile recipe that you can add onions, parsley, bacon or anything you love to it. This casserole is a favorite of TRIBEZA's Events + Marketing intern Amy Pham, and was everyone's favorite at her family's Thanksgiving.

Scalloped Potatoes (from
(serves 8)

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