Austin City Limits: Staff Picks by Amy Pham

Behold, the most glorious weekend(s) for music lovers and Austinites alike – though we generally like to think those are synonymous, right?

We, at Tribeza, are anxious to see some good live music playing. Here’s some staff picks of who we’re most excited to see:

THIRST: Memorializing the Scarcity of Water in Austin by Amy Pham


If you’ve recently driven by or taken a run on Lady Bird Lake, you may have noticed something a new addition to the beautiful scenery—hauntingly large white tree flanked by rows of white flag. Women & Their Work presents THIRST, an art installation and collaborative project by architects Emily Little and Norma Yancey, art director Beili Liucalled, and landscape architect Cassie Bergstrom

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Catching Up with Kelly White by Brooke Schmidt

Kelly White, designer of Kelly Wynne Handbags, embodies everything that her line stands for - classy, cute, and with just a hint of sass. If you haven't heard her name swirling around the Austin social circles yet, just wait; Kelly Wynne Handbags is making quite the impression. I sat down with the Austin native to discuss her entry into the accessories arena.

A Southern Playlist by Amy Pham


This is how we brunch… with a side of Whiskey Shivers, naturally.

Here at TRIBEZA, there’s nothing we love more than food. And music. And fashion. So, if you whisk that all together, we give you our Southern Brunch where everything that’s good about life, like Houndstooth Coffee and Eden East, is brought to you in a delicious package at Springdale Farm, capped off with a performance by Whiskey Shivers.

DRYGOODS by Leigh Patterson

Necessity truly is the mother of invention, at least for Austinite Sean Greenberg, who had a realization at his family’s business Allens Boots after the shop was repeatedly approached by daily deal and coupon websites. “There was something missing,” he explains. “There are photo-sharing apps like Pinterest and Instagram, and daily discount apps [like Living Social or Groupon]…but there needed to be an ecommerce platform for local businesses that wasn’t deal-based.”

And so DRYGOODS was born, an app for local businesses to post and sell their merchandise, which officially launches at next month’s TRIBEZA Style Week.

Le Garage Sale by Madeline Waggoner

I usually associate the words “garage sale” with digging through piles upon piles of mismatched china, kitsch lamps usually decoupaged with various sea shells and/or shuffling through paraphernalia from a husband’s favorite sports team that his wife is trying desperately to give away. But then again Le Garage Sale is not your average neighborhood garage sale. A 15-year Austin tradition, this semi-annual sale brings together over 60 retailers offering everything from women’s and men’s apparel and accessories to kids clothes and home goods (and did we mention everything is discounted?).

Road Trippin' by Jacy Schleier

Everyone loves a good road trip. I’ve loved them since I was little. My family would pile into the suburban and take off for some snow skiing or beach time. Although the car’s confined space always caused a few arguments between my brother and I, those rides are some of my favorite memories.

Here in Texas we’re pretty lucky to have so many diverse destinations close to us. You don’t have to travel too many miles or cross any state lines to reach somewhere awesome. Here are a few places right here in good ol' Texas that are worth a weekend road trip.

5 Fun Things to Do on the Weekend by Jacy Schleier

As the end of summer begins to draw near, you might be looking for some new ways to spend your weekends. Perhaps you’ve spent countless Saturdays at Barton Springs and Town Lake and you’re ready to change up your weekend habits. To help inspire you, here are a few fresh ideas of ways to spend your precious days off.

Host a party
Instead of meeting your friends out one night, try staying in and hosting your own shindig. It can be intimate, lavish or whatever you wish, but you’ll love the relaxing atmosphere of your own cozy home. Need help with the planning? No fear, Camille Styles is here! I love her helpful hints and recipes that will get your soiree going.

On the River by Annie Clark

Renting a tube and floating down the river has become a summer tradition for many. Nearby rivers and low prices make this a getaway accessible to those of us often restrained by a shortage of free time and funds. Find the most convenient tube rental spot online, and check out our style picks for a day on the river and at the restaurants nearby that serve the comfort food that is sure to satisfy your sunny day cravings. Most Austinites choose either the Guadalupe River or the slightly closer Comal River for tubing, and rental places recommend that you check the flow and water level before setting off for your weekend escapade. A few things to remember when you set off for the river: most valuables do NOT float, the law forbids public drinking before noon on Sundays, and your cooler, of course!

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