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Taste Testing the Cake


Caaaaaaaaake. Who can deny the powerful presence of cake? We eat it on our birthdays and after glorious meals at fancy restaurants. We eat it right after we’ve run a 5k as a reward even though we obliterate the entire workout. But it’s CAKE! And the one day it matters most? Your wedding day.

Two places in Austin stand out among the bajillion places you can order a wedding cake. If I were you, I would make an appointment with these fantastic cake makers.


Stardust Bakery

Students of the World Inaugural Gala


                                             Photo taken by the 2010 National Team in New Orleans

Two summers ago, I spent my summer trekking through the Amazon rainforest of Brazil with four other Duke students. Students of the World (SOW), an organization that connects college students with non-profits in order to provide media and support for their humanitarian work around the globe, helped make it all happen! By providing us with cameras, sound equipment and financial resources, our team was able to spread the word about this amazing program called Telecurso, which brought education to the most remote parts of the Amazon.

A Débutante Ball

I used to think débutante balls were things that only happened in tv shows like Gilmore Girls, but apparently they happen in real life. In Austin, too, of all weird places.....

(Bo Rodman, Alexandra Dieck, Wynn Krause, Courtney Umstattd, Caroline Farmer, Amanda Balagia, Claire Ferguson. Some of the débutantes and their escorts.)

On Saturday, I wined and dined and rubbed elbows with the upper crusts of society as nineteen college juniors were announced as the Bachelors of Austin's 2012 debutantes. Back in the day, young women were presented at débutante balls in front of eligible bachelors so they could be married off, but now deb balls are just an excellent excuse to have smashin' parties.

Wear This: A Man's Guide for Sharp Wedding Attire


I realized that I haven't been very attentive to my male readers. (Let's pretend they actually exist!) Almost all my posts, thus far, have concerned the female species and it is time for me to address mankind's other half in all efforts to be fair. And equal.

Shall we raise our glasses to the Constitution?

In any case, loads of young men are flooding our society straight after graduating from college where they didn't learn essential things like... how to play legit bingo and what to wear to a wedding. And now that their peers are getting married left and right, this has become a serious, serious problem. 

How to Make the Simplest Bridal Bouquet

Sofia Avila, co-owner of Mandarin Flower Co., met me in front of her apartment complex where I stood in confusion. Where was this elusive flower shop? Instead, Sofia, a red-haired young lady, leads me up the steps to her work studio: a simple living room with shelves lined with flowers.

Here, she explains, is where she and her sister, Victoria (who is off gallavanting in Europe at this time), create all their floral works of art. Don't believe me? Take a look at this:

But today, Sofia is going to skip the fancy stuff and show me how to make a simple bridal bouquet.

Behind the Scenes: A Caterer’s View of a Wedding

Timing is everything. And in the life of Dan and Kristen Stacy, owners of Royal Fig Catering, it’s the difference between perfection and mediocrity. At 5:40pm sharp, the staff meets in a small room tucked inside the Texas Federation of Women’s Club for a brief go-over of the schedule that Kristen has planned for the wedding of Laura and Garson. And while Kristen will be directing everything inside the building, Dan, her husband of 2.5 years, will be outside in the Texas heat preparing a delicious meal that is to come. (Pictures in a second. I don’t want you guys to drool yet.)

Going Solo


       [Photo Credit: Julia & Jonathan Wedding Invitation by Arravan314 via Flickr]

You’re sitting at your desk, chewing on your pen nervously as you stare at a wedding invitation in front of you. That dreaded question looms over your head: How many adults attending?

One. Just one.

The World's Biggest Cake


Sorry about the scarcity of posts these last two weeks, my lovely readers! I got thrown off by the 4th of July. Something about eating too much + watching fireworks makes you want to push aside your work responsibilities.... nervous chuckle.

As you guys already know, Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock tied the knot  about two weeks ago. Another fairytale princess wedding following that of William and Kate. Wittstock is a former South African Olympic swimmer and Prince Albert.. well.. he's the prince of Monaco (this teeny tiny area of land next to France). Hopefully, this marriage will help Albert stop fathering illegitimate children. Two is quite enough, sir!

A Junkie's Confession: The New York Times' Wedding Section


Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw once said, “Sunday is the one day a week you get the single woman’s sports pages: the New York Times wedding section.”

As you all know, I was once a New York Times’ wedding section junkie (something I mentioned in my first post). Before this let’s-charge-you-for-reading business, I used to tear open my browser, locate the Style section, and click on each wedding story until I filled my heart’s desire. Still, the elitism of the NYT was hard to ignore.

Austin Wedding: Katy Wilson and Rick Orr

Not everyone is willing to step up to the plate, but thankfully Katy Wilson and Rick Orr agreed to be my guinea pigs this week. (Note: They are the first couple to be featured in this blog! Squeal.) I met them for lunch at a great Italian place called Cipollina’s off West Lynn Street where we talked wedding details. But before we get into the Day of Commitment, let me introduce you to this cute couple.

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