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Real Weddings: Mary Catherine Aune & Travis Addy Sikes

You are cordially invited to our favorite weddings of the year.

Mary Catherine Aune & Travis Addy Sikes
Married July 23, 2011

On July 23, 2011, Alabama and Texas fans gathered under one roof to celebrate the union of Mary Catherine Aune and Travis Addy Sikes. There were no fisticuffs, but that didn’t stop some diehards from exchanging friendly banter when the toasts were made. It all started when Mary Catherine (whose brother and father both played football for UT) was playing volleyball for the Crimson Tide and began dating Travis, an Alabama wide receiver. After Travis proposed, on top of the Rockefeller Building during Mary Catherine’s first trip to New York City, the two started planning a wedding that wouldn’t interfere with football season.

Real Weddings: Marie Elena Ely & Fred Stitz

You are cordially invited to our favorite weddings of the year.

Marie Elena Ely & Fred Stitz
Married November 8, 2011

Fred Stitz was playing guitar and singing lead vocals for his band, Smokey Angle Shades, at SXSW 2010 when he met Marie Ely, the daughter of Texas country legend Joe Ely. After a nine-month whirlwind romance, Marie and her parents planned a big winter solstice party in December for Fred to meet all the friends and some family, which then turned into an engagement party. “I picked him up at the airport the eve of the party, and that’s the night he asked me to be his ‘wifey’ and we told everybody at the party! That’s how it all happened,” Marie says.

Real Weddings: Sara Mizener & Bob Lenhart

You are cordially invited to our favorite weddings of the years.

Sara Mizener & Bob Lenhart
Married June 25, 2011

For years, Sara Mizener, a high school teacher, had her eye on Bob Lenhart, a casual friend of hers, but it wasn’t until they were at a Cubs game in 2007 that she worked up the courage to tell a mutual friend about her crush. Turned out that Bob, an IBM consultant, liked her back. The two dated until 2010, when a staycation in Chicago (where they live) led to a marriage proposal. “He was freaking out, so I knew there was something going on. Of course, I was freaking out too,” Sara remembers.

Real Weddings: Kristi Pruett & Page Houser

You are cordially invited to our favorite weddings of the year.

Kristi Pruett & Page Houser
Married December 3, 2011

Dress Up

On the final Sunday of every month, beyond the white double doors of Red River’s Swan Dive, swing dancers twirl in and out of each others’ arms as ladies clad in 20s garb sip classic cocktails and listen to old French tunes. Started by Angeliska Polachek and Amelia Raley, Vintage Vivant attracts serious costume enthusiasts to Swan Dive’s vintage-inspired interior, transporting guests to another era.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Ice Ball

August 20, 7 pm
Hilton (Downtown)

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