M. McHugh


Last month, South Congress welcomed a stylish new gem: founded by Maya Krauss and Richard Gordoa, Co-Star offers a highly curated collection of modern, urban clothing for both men and women. Krauss has become renowned for her playful, vibrant aesthetic at Maya Star, and two blocks down, Co-Star promises the same sartorial exuberance. Nevertheless, Krauss’ newest venture marks a departure from the feminine pieces at Maya Star. Co-Star is “a little edgy,” Krauss reveals. ”East Coast urban meets West Coast casual that works into the Austin lifestyle.”

Revi Meicler

Fashion is an art in which we clothe and express ourselves every day — an intersection of the human body, self and culture. Artist Revi Meicler explores this unique relationship between fashion and identity in her vibrant work, centered about the female body. Each of Meicler’s mixed-media collages begins with life-size charcoal sketches drawn from nude models, evoking a classical admiration for the voluptuous female form. Meicler then dresses these figures in ensembles constructed from torn pages of Vogue and her own handmade, richly-colored paper. The result is an energetic, kaleidoscopic portrait of the modern woman.

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