April 2012


Owner of Tracey Overbeck Stead Interior Design &
Co-founder Hippos 3 & Manager, Intel Austin

Young Bloods

Fashion thrives on diversity.

Whether designer or model, photographer or editor, each visionary contributes to a remarkably collaborative industry. But the Grace Coddingtons and Alexander McQueens of the world don’t simply materialize in Condé Nast elevators or Parisian ateliers. In fact, the next generation of fashion’s finest may be nearer than you think: designer Harrison Koiwai, blogger Diya Liu and creative director Ian Milan all began their careers at the University of Texas, yet they have their sights set much further. These three students and alumni are well on their way to fulfilling their alma mater’s motto — “what starts here changes the world.”

The Designer

The Modern-Day Thrifter

Gone are the days when vintage shopping only meant scouring endless thrift store racks and digging deep through bargain bins and estate sales. Don’t get us wrong: those methods still exist (especially in a city as vintage-obsessed as Austin). Nowadays however, as the world connects, explores and — most importantly — shops online, a few Austin-based businesses are creating a new type of vintage-treasure-hunt experience.

Voices of Conservation

Dedicated to raising awareness about local conservation efforts, The Nature Conservancy of Texas invited keynote speaker Jeff Corwin to its annual luncheon and held a private reception for him the night before at the home of Deborah Green and Clayton Aynesworth. A lifelong environmental advocate and Emmy Award-winner, Corwin has hosted several Animal Planet shows and works to combat the worl's extinction crisis with his new "100 Heartbeats" project.

Things We Love

Hayden Dunham

Pony hair on shoes and rabbit fur on vests is nothing out of the ordinary, but human hair strung around the neck? New York conceptual clothing designer Hayden Dunham crafts pieces that are more than simply pretty accessories: above all, this Austin native considers herself an artist who happens to create wearable work. From adolescent nostalgia to the simultaneous repulsion and familiarity evoked by hair, Dunham engages profound, universal sentiments in her pieces. Her New Dust line of plastic, leather, metal, wool and human hair necklaces has been picked up by several stores, including JF & Son. View Hayden Dunham’s work online at haydendunham.com.

Taylor McCausland

St. Andrew's Concert for Financial Aid

 St. Andrew's Episcopal School transported guests for an evening with rock legends Styx. The event kicked off with a silent auction and culminated with an unforgettable performance by Styx. Proceeds from the concert supported St. Andrew's financial program, which offers a strong, rigorous education to students of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

Revi Meicler

Fashion is an art in which we clothe and express ourselves every day — an intersection of the human body, self and culture. Artist Revi Meicler explores this unique relationship between fashion and identity in her vibrant work, centered about the female body. Each of Meicler’s mixed-media collages begins with life-size charcoal sketches drawn from nude models, evoking a classical admiration for the voluptuous female form. Meicler then dresses these figures in ensembles constructed from torn pages of Vogue and her own handmade, richly-colored paper. The result is an energetic, kaleidoscopic portrait of the modern woman.

Lexus of Austin Unveiling

Austinites toasted a beautifully redesigned Lexus of Austin dealership and the launch of the Lexus GS Sedan with champagne, an exquisite sushi bar and performances by noted musician Kat Edmonson. Aslo on display that evening was the highly anticipated LFA, Lexus' Super Car, one of only 175 in the nation.

Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival

April 25 - 28, 2012

KLRU Anniversary Celebration

KLRU celebrated half a century of inspiring creativity and learning in Central Texas at ACL Live at The Moody Theater. THe evening featured a retro-inspired dinner and continued with performances by KLRU's honorees, including Kathlene Ritch, Craig Hella Johnson, Charles Yang, Ruby Jane Smith and Asleep at the Wheel.

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