February 2012

Little Black Book

10 Austin names you need to know when it's time to plan your wedding.

Something Borrowed, Something New

From antique furniture and bejeweled, feathered finery to touching cinematic portraiture, Loot Vintage Rentals, Lo Boheme and Joe Simon Wedding Films are three local businesses that imbue wedding day memories with a sense of antique charm and romantic sentimentality.

 Loot Vintage Rentals
(512) 576 9325

Real Weddings: Mary Catherine Aune & Travis Addy Sikes

You are cordially invited to our favorite weddings of the year.

Mary Catherine Aune & Travis Addy Sikes
Married July 23, 2011

On July 23, 2011, Alabama and Texas fans gathered under one roof to celebrate the union of Mary Catherine Aune and Travis Addy Sikes. There were no fisticuffs, but that didn’t stop some diehards from exchanging friendly banter when the toasts were made. It all started when Mary Catherine (whose brother and father both played football for UT) was playing volleyball for the Crimson Tide and began dating Travis, an Alabama wide receiver. After Travis proposed, on top of the Rockefeller Building during Mary Catherine’s first trip to New York City, the two started planning a wedding that wouldn’t interfere with football season.

Real Weddings: Marie Elena Ely & Fred Stitz

You are cordially invited to our favorite weddings of the year.

Marie Elena Ely & Fred Stitz
Married November 8, 2011

Fred Stitz was playing guitar and singing lead vocals for his band, Smokey Angle Shades, at SXSW 2010 when he met Marie Ely, the daughter of Texas country legend Joe Ely. After a nine-month whirlwind romance, Marie and her parents planned a big winter solstice party in December for Fred to meet all the friends and some family, which then turned into an engagement party. “I picked him up at the airport the eve of the party, and that’s the night he asked me to be his ‘wifey’ and we told everybody at the party! That’s how it all happened,” Marie says.

Real Weddings: Sara Mizener & Bob Lenhart

You are cordially invited to our favorite weddings of the years.

Sara Mizener & Bob Lenhart
Married June 25, 2011

For years, Sara Mizener, a high school teacher, had her eye on Bob Lenhart, a casual friend of hers, but it wasn’t until they were at a Cubs game in 2007 that she worked up the courage to tell a mutual friend about her crush. Turned out that Bob, an IBM consultant, liked her back. The two dated until 2010, when a staycation in Chicago (where they live) led to a marriage proposal. “He was freaking out, so I knew there was something going on. Of course, I was freaking out too,” Sara remembers.

Real Weddings: Kristi Pruett & Page Houser

You are cordially invited to our favorite weddings of the year.

Kristi Pruett & Page Houser
Married December 3, 2011

Date Night: Nancy Sheridan & Justin Perry

By Day: The Houston-based couple spends a lot of time in Austin. Justin owns Great Southern Music, with his father (family-owned for almost 40 years), and Nancy is a yoga teacher who is opening her own studio called Big Yoga.

How They Met
In Philadelphia (Nancy’s hometown). Justin moved from Austin to Philly to join a band (The AK A’s). They were introduced by a mutual friend at a bar and moved to Houston together two and a half years later.

Their Perfect Date
The Houston-based couple spends a lot of time in Austin (where their engagement photos were taken at the Hotel San José).

Date Night: Adam Moore & Camille Styles

By Day: He’s the cofounder and CEO of SpaceCraft, and she’s the owner and creative director of popular entertaining blog CamilleStyles.com.

How They Met
Camille says: I worked at Adam’s former company, Springbox. The first week of my new job there, I was in a car accident that put me in an ugly gray neck brace for the next three months. It’s funny to think that we actually got to know each other when I was feeling less than attractive; of course, Adam likes to say that he just got to know my inner beauty first!

Date Night: Craig & Charlotte Benson

By Day: Founders of the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation (beyondbatten.org)

How They Met
Charlotte says: We met while we were living in Paris. Craig was working for a company based out of Houston, and I had started a business exporting antiques back to the States. We met among a group of friends. Americans have a way of finding each other when they live abroad, and particularly since we are both from the South. Craig likes to say that I was the only other one who understood his French!

Date Night: Oscar & Becky Casares

By Day: He’s a novelist and UT professor, and she’s an assistant attorney general.

How They Met
In the kitchen at a mutual friend’s house.

Date Night: David & Kerrin F. Forsyth

By Day: He’s an executive recruiter with the Innovar Group, and she’s a jewelry designer and owner of FALK Jewelry Designs.

How They Met
She was an undergrad, and he was a grad student at UT.

Kerrin says: My dad always emphasized the fact that it is important to meet someone while doing something you love to do...and I love going out! It was actually a particularly special night, though… I went to a Tim McGraw concert with my sister, where she met who would be her future husband. Dave was at the concert that night too, but we hadn’t met. After the concert I begged my sister to go to the Aquarium [a favorite Sixth Street watering hole], and that’s where we all met up. Nothing better than sisters marrying friends.

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