January 2012

New Year, New Austin

Twelve outside-the-box activities that will renew your vigor for the city.

While we all have loyalties to our favorite restaurant or gym, the New Year offers the perfect opportunity to explore parts of Austin we haven’t already seen. Whether you’re looking to challenge yourself to a new fitness routine or pamper your skin, explore new cuisine or give back to the community, the city has something for the adventurer in us all. As you embark on your newfound resolutions for 2012, here are 12 ways to experience an entirely new Austin.


Austin Aerial Yoga
4227 Guadalupe St.
(512) 900 9247

Escape Artists

While some may consider Austin to be an urban retreat in and of itself, these three backyard spaces are creative oases all their own. Whether built for work or play, they each serve a unique function within the realm of escaping hurried city life.

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Exploring the Keys

There's so much more to this charming string of Islands in South Florida than Jimmy Buffett could ever sing about.

Pulling in to Key West at dusk, we immediately wished we could ditch our car for one of the pastel colored cruiser bicycles ridden by the carefree crowd we passed. They were tan, flip flopped and downright happy looking as they pedaled along the two-by-four-mile island. The daiquiris were already flowing on Duval Street (but I think that might always be the case no matter the time of day), as we pulled into town.

Kristin Haver's Casa Colombia

Casa Colombia, “the best hidden secret in Austin” — you never disappoint. You touch our hearts and make our bellies happy every time! Casa Colombia is within walking distance from my husband Dustin’s office, and he first stumbled across it when he was working at a client’s office just across the street. Now it’s the spot of choice for Dustin to take a break with coworkers, whether they are grabbing a cup (okay maybe 5 cups) of the 100 percent Columbian coffee or actually ordering the Carne Asada or the Bistec a Caballo. And I am known to call him towards the end of the day to make take-out dinner requests.

Live Oak Pharmacy

1611 W. 5th St.
(512) 476 8979

Live Oak Pharmacy is a downtown Austin gem that focuses on an integrative approach to healthcare. This compounding pharmacy collaborates one-on-one with patients and their primary doctors to create an individualized experience that transcends the traditional prescription drop-off.


4917 Airport Blvd.
(512) 712 5700

Set on a much-driven, seldom-walked strip of Airport Boulevard, Komé’s modern, warm wood exterior immediately catches the eye and beckons passersby. The inviting façade is the perfect introduction to this home-style Japanese sushi bar and kitchen owned by the always smiling Takehiro (Také) and Kayo Asazu. And although the design may cause the restaurant to stand out in this area, which is the target of a revitalization initiative by the City of Austin, diners will be happy to find that the prices help Komé fit right in.

Beto Boggiano

The beloved owner of Pure Austin Gym shares a look back through his life in photos.

I always wanted long hair at 12

Riding all day with the family

With my daughter at the "Do the Du" duathlon at Pure Austin, back when we went by "Powerhouse"

Helping my dad operate on the poor in Peru. He gave his heart out to those people

Creatively Speaking

Bard or Beard? There’s much ado about the movie, Anonymous, the political thriller that conspiratorially suggests that it was Edward de Vere, not William Shakespeare, who penned the famous Bard’s plays and sonnets. Some have long theorized that Ben Jonson (1572-1637) — Renaissance dramatist, playwright, poet and competitor to Shakespeare — may have been the true bard behind Shakespeare’s beard.

Energize Your Workout

An exclusive look at Thunderbird Energetica, Austin's newest Energy Bar company to hit the scene.

Native Austinites Katie Forrest and Taylor Collins founded Thunderbird Energetica along with Amy Rogers in 2010. Tired of eating processed energy food for cycling and outdoor sports, Forrest and Collins began making their own all-natural energy bars at home, using raw ingredients like organic dates, walnuts, sweet potatoes, cinnamon and turmeric. After sharing their bars with friends, they decided to found their own company, focused on making bars with real food and ingredients you can pronounce.

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