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Fall Recipe: Staff Picks by Jacy Schleier

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Your weekly dose of fall recipes is back this week with a focus on sweet treats. You know, the kind that fill the kitchen with the aroma of chocolate and make your mouth water while you're baking. I have to admit that I have a stronger sweet tooth this time of year, and I'm sure the same goes for most of you. To encourage you to give in to that craving, we have the perfect Chocolate Raspberry Bar recipe from TRIBEZA's Design Intern, Madeline Waggoner.

Chocolate Raspberry Bars

2 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 cup butter or margarine
1 egg, beaten
1 t. almond extract
1 cup raspberry jelly
12 oz. chocolate chips

Fall Recipe: Staff Picks by Jacy Schleier

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This week we're highlighting a flavorful fall recipe for the carnivorous eaters out there. We're talking grilled squash, brown sugar infused baked apples, and meticulously marinated flank steak. Yumm. Even if you're not big into cooking (kind of like me), this recipe is actually quite simple and is sure to impress a friend, significant other or table full of guests. Plus, cooking is good for the soul. This favorite recipe is brought to you by Staley Hawkins, TRIBEZA's Events and Marketing Coordinator.

Oriental Flank Steak (from Stop and Smell the Rosemary)
(serves 4)

Fall Recipe: Staff Picks by Jacy Schleier

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'Tis the season for eating, drinking and cooking. This particular season wouldn't be the same without fall foods. Maybe you like to splurge on a comfort food casserole from your grandma's cookbook, or delight in mixing up a special soup your mom makes that provides a little taste of home. Around the TRIBEZA office, we have some favorite recipes that are perfect to whip up this autumn. Here is our Art Director Ashley Horsley's pick (oh, and it's vegetarian!):

Spinach with Chickpeas and Fried Eggs (Originally from Bon Appétit)

Pumpkin Spice and All Things Nice by Jacy Schleier

With fall officially upon us, there are a few things that come with the chilly weather and autumn leaves. Bright colored pumpkins sitting on porches, a plethora of Halloween candy at every grocery store, and most notably the smell of pumpkin spice stir up a little bit of happiness inside. From pumpkin flavored candles to pumpkin spice lattes, all-things pumpkin are in high demand. To cure that pumpkin craving, there are a few local places offering delicious twists on a favorite flavor.

Stinson's Coffee Pumpkin Pie Latte 
Get your day going with a toasty cup of coffee that tastes and smells just as good as your grandmother's Thanksgiving Pie. Stinson's Pumpkin Pie Latte is the perfect pick-me-up and is a delicious seasonal staple.

Urban: A Nice Northern Escape by Madeline Waggoner

For those of us living in central Austin, we are extremely spoiled: great music, great shopping, great night life, great food. That being said, sometimes traffic on Lamar/MoPac/I-35/Congress/everywhere can leave me feeling frustrated and in need of a much-needed escape. So let me introduce to you a little gem the TRIBEZA staff was introduced to just north enough to feel as if you’re getting away from all of the hustle and bustle sans the strain on your gas tank.

You Scream, I Scream by Jacy Schleier

As cliché as this sounds, I really do miss the ice cream trucks that used to visit my neighborhood every summer when I was young. Whether they've all gone extinct or just stopped coming to my area, I think we can all agree that ice cream is a beloved food. And summer is by far the best season for a cold, sweet ice cream. Not to mention, July is National Ice Cream Month, so happy Ice Cream Month to us all! In honor of this month, we put together a little list of some of our favorite ice creams around town.

Pet Friendly Happy Hours by Annie Clark

We all know that sad look that our furry friends give us when we walk out the door, begging us to take them with us. For those of us who can't stand the guilt, but don't want to sacrifice our social lives, we have the answer! Swing by the house after work and pick up your pup for a special outing, or head over with a friend after a walk around Town Lake. These pet friendly happy hours give us Austinites the opportunity to take our (well-behaved) pets with us for drinks, snacks and socializing, so nobody misses out on the fun!

Cheers to an Austin Summer! by Annie Clark

As Texans, some of us tend to complain about the scorching heat that seems almost inescapable at this time of year. However, these Austin bars and restaurants have given us something to celebrate this summer! What better way to end a long day in the sun or to begin a weekend away from the office than with a refreshing summer cocktail? You don't want to miss out on our favorite local cocktails.

Vegetarian Lovin' by Jacy Schleier

Although Austin is a very vegetarian and vegan friendly city, there are always those few unexpected dining destinations that serve both set of palates. Many of Austin's old and new restaurants are adding veggie options. Here are a few surprising restaurants that have crossed over into the vegetarian world:

The sausage and beer garden haven of Rainey Street is no longer just for the carnivorous set. They've recently added Beet & Goat Cheese Sausage, a Veggie BLT and a Tempura Battered Fire Roasted Eggplant & Red Bell Pepper Vegan Sausage. With specialty veggie sausages, vegetarians won't have to forego the lively outdoor atmosphere of Banger's any longer.

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