Local Austin Art Fairs by Mary Bryce

Feliz Pop-Up Sale
Palm Door, 401 Sabine St.
November 3 Pop-up Sale

The Feliz pop-up sale will be a one-day sale that bring together independent artists, designers, and makers. In addition to the sale, we will be co-hosting a launch party with Feliz where a select of independent designers will be creating one-of-a-kind pieces for a silent auction to benefit Girls Guild. Come and enjoy snacks and cocktails before the pop-up sale!

2013 AIA Homes Tour by Amy Pham

The 27th Annual American Institute of Architects Homes Tour will take place November 2-3rd and the lineup is as follows:

Alterstudio Architecture, LLP
Chas Architects
Dick Clark + Associates
Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
Merzbau Design Collective
Nick Deaver Architect
Shiflet Group Architects
Steinbomer, Bramwell & Vrazel, Architects
Tim Cuppett Architects
Webber + Studio, Architects
Weiss Architecture

Throughout the two-day, self-guided tour, AIA Austin brings a sampling of some of the best new and classic designs of residential architecture. These 11 newly-renovated homes range from traditional to modern contemporary and will showcase Austin’s local innovative design aesthetic.

Stephen L. Clark by Kate Waitzkin

Within moments of settling in to chat with Texas native Steve Clark, it became clear that genuine personal connection and long-lived relationships have played a pivotal role in his eclectic career with roots growing deep into the fabric of Austin. These bonds formed the foundation for his life as a photographer, restaurateur -- Clark founded the popular burger and music haven The Waterloo Icehouse in 1976 and was instrumental in furthering the careers of a number of great musical talents to come through the doors -- now gallery owner, husband, father and grandfather. From his carefully nurtured relationships, success and happiness have flourished.

Quick Draw Photo Booth by Jacy Schleier

Who doesn't love photo booths? They capture a quick second of bliss with your friends that you can keep forever. Introducing a photo booth unlike any other-- Quick Draw Photo Booth is an experience, a laugh, a performance. The routine is similar to any other photo booth, but their photographer is also an artist who "develops" 3 photos in 3 minutes. These aren't just ordinary photos. They're actually drawings of each photo onto a filmstrip that you can take as a keepsake. The real photo will be available online after the event so you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Le Garage Sale by Madeline Waggoner

I usually associate the words “garage sale” with digging through piles upon piles of mismatched china, kitsch lamps usually decoupaged with various sea shells and/or shuffling through paraphernalia from a husband’s favorite sports team that his wife is trying desperately to give away. But then again Le Garage Sale is not your average neighborhood garage sale. A 15-year Austin tradition, this semi-annual sale brings together over 60 retailers offering everything from women’s and men’s apparel and accessories to kids clothes and home goods (and did we mention everything is discounted?).

Boyfrndz Releases New Album, Natures by Annie Clark

Austin band Boyfrndz is back with another head-bangin’ good album, Natures. Since its start-up, Boyfrndz has exceeded expectations, and this high-energy album is sure to do the same. Heavy beats, passionate lyrics and a bold mix of sounds make this a thought-rock album that will entrance you each time you listen. Turn on “Moving Parts” for a catchy chorus you’ll be humming for days, or listen to “Daughter” for melodic vocals over a fast beat. With the new album, a new music video and live shows, these guys are bringing a new energy to Austin’s music scene! Check out the album and get upcoming show dates here. ( )

Propaganda Hair Group Invites You to "Join the Movement" by Annie Clark


Lati and Sara Domi, owners of Propaganda Hair Group in downtown Austin, recently released their new campaign to promote and celebrate individuality and freedom of self-expression, especially through fashion, beauty and trend. Lati and Sara designed and directed the shoot, and while they let some photos speak for themselves, they paired others with quotes. The campaign empowers its audience to resist the pressures and influences society sometimes imposes on us, and "join the movement." We love to think of Austin as the world's hub of eclecticism and individuality, and Propaganda's campaign may be the inspiration we all need. So, go ahead, Austin, check it out.

Go the Distance with Handana

When we think about our workout routines, it’s always the laps we run or the calories we burn or the weights we’re lifting. But Handana founder Katie Niemeyer reminds us about the little things that take our workout to the next level. With her line of high-performance sweatbands, Niemeyer is keeping us cool and inspired to go the distance.

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