Cook Happy, Cook Well


Every foodie has his or her go-to recipe source, whether the inexhaustible archives of Epicurious or that trusty Alice Waters tome. Allow us to introduce the next great addition to your culinary arsenal: Cook Happy, an iPad app reviving the art of the cookbook with mouthwatering, step-by-step video illustrations for each recipe.

A Digital Twist on Finger Painting by Dawn Kay

Buzz has been swirling about the animated music video that Shawn Harris, artist and musician, made using the Brushes app on his iPad. The video, “Undivided” by Blush ft. Snoop Dogg, animates the still frames Harris digitally painted, individually, using Taptrix’s Brushes application and is admittedly addicting to watch, but this isn’t the first time Harris has slightly repurposed the traditional use of technology.

Two Enviable Items at SXSW 2011 — The iPad + A car2go Card

In its 25th year, SXSW is better organized than ever. The festival has added more venues to its roster and integrated itself into a larger portion of the city, which has helped to spread out the crowds, making lines shorter and allowing more attendees to see the panels and films of their choosing. 

What's Old is New

Clockwise from top left: Luddite Laptop Sleeve $64 and Big Business Cell Phone Case $28 by Thomas Paul, Mercury Design Studio; Revival Radio $99 by Roberts, Anthropologie; Beeswax Instant Camera Candle $30 and Transistor Radio Candle $18 by Big Dipper Wax Works and Urbancase, Wanderland; Classic Fresco High Chair $400 by Bloom, Picket Fences; iPad Case $246 by Quince Studio, By George; Morton Bicycle $4,199.99 by Beloved Cycles, Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop.

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