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Miguel Angel

Over the course of his four years in the Marines, Miguel Angel began a career as a combat photographer, chronicling his experiences around the world, from Japan to Iraq. Today, as he scopes out Austin’s nightlife scene, Angel’s approach to photography hasn’t changed much: “It’s different content,” he admits, “but it’s still about building relationships with people.” You won’t find Angel in the corner, snapping clandestine photographs of unsuspecting partygoers. Instead, he immerses himself in the crowd—one of the aspects he likes best about nightlife photography. “That’s why the photos come out the way they do,” he remarks.

Chanel Dror and Eric Tarlo's Perfect Night Out

My Austin story is a typical one. I first arrived as an eager UT freshman, then fell in love with the city and thought I’d stick around for a while after graduation. With that, my personal progression of nightlife revelry was quintessential as well: frequenting “Dirty 6th” while I could still stomach it, moving west as an enlightened upperclassman, then reaching what I consider to be true local status by heading out to the newest (or oldest) dives and hotspots, both in and out of downtown.

Where We Hang Our Hats: South Austin

When my husband, Iba, and I moved to Austin from New York City, we didn’t know how long we would stay. I had been teaching Gyrotonic, acting and dancing while Iba was running the café inside the Bumble & Bumble hair salon. When we found out we were expecting our first child, we decided it was time to relocate to somewhere a bit slower paced and peaceful to start our family. As a University of Texas graduate and with one sister living in Austin and the other in Driftwood, Austin seemed the obvious choice. It has always held a special place in my heart with some of my favorite people as it's residents and being where some of my happiest memories were made.

Where We Hang Our Hats: Travis Heights

Nestled between Lady Bird Lake and South Congress is one of Austin’s oldest neighborhoods, Travis Heights. When my husband, Cameron, and I returned to Austin with our two-year-old from San Francisco, we knew the urban oasis was the perfect fit for our growing family. (Amidst moving boxes, we welcomed Number Two to our brood.) Away from the hustle and bustle of ever-changing Austin yet still close to the action of downtown and SoCo, we immediately felt right at home in one of Austin’s most charming enclaves.

Anne Campbell is the Partnership & Promotions Editor of Austin Tidbits, and her husband, Cameron, is a Landscape Designer with Ten Eyck Landscape Architects. They have two children and love living in their mid-century home in Travis Heights.

The Campbell's Top 10 to Travis Heights

Where We Hang Our Hats: South Congress

 Life on the Avenue— three takes on what it’s like to live to the East, West and right above SoCo.

Celeste & Adrian Quesada

Being a native Austinite, I’ve had the opportunity to live all over austin, from the East side (before it was uber-hip) to Clarksville, from Tarrytown to Travis heights. Back in my twenties, however, I would never in a million years have considered living south of Ben White. It seemed like the outskirts of Austin and nothing interesting to speak of for a Central Austin kind of home-grown gal. But when we began searching for a house to buy back in 2004, we quickly realized we needed to expand our lofty dreams to fit our limited funds. And that’s when we opened our hearts to 78745.

Where We Hang Our Hats: Old Enfield

If Clarksville and Pemberton had a love child, it would be Old Enfield. After a life explosion, I moved to the area in 2009 to rent a house and had planned on building a home in yet another neighborhood. After just one month in the 'hood, however, I fell madly in love with it. I happily sold the lot and bought a house just down the street from my rent house and have not looked back since.

Where We Hang Our Hats: East Side

Only days before moving to Austin 11 years ago, Joe and I got married. I finished grad school in Santa Barbara and headed to UT as an assistant professor, while he left behind life in downtown Los Angeles, along with a huge clientele at a nearby salon. This meant we had two goals in our quest to find a home: an urban downtown community (as he had loved in LA) with a modest mortgage, at least until our careers in Austin grew. Joe found the East Side during one of his self-led “get-to-know-Austin” tours, and we instantly knew it was where we wanted to live. Over the years, we have come to truly love life here, surrounded by such diversity, kindness and beauty. As for the diversity of East Austin, there is the obvious ethnic difference among residents. As native Southern Californians, this seems so natural to us (although rising property taxes threaten this balance).

Shake It Up

Austin is an active and health-conscious place to live, consistently topping scores of "fit city" lists across the country. And while some may argue that all you really need in order to kick off an exercise routine is a pair of well-fitting shoes and some energy to burn, there are a host of other options around the Austin area to help you take advantage of the city, become a part of a unique fitness micro-community and have fun while upping your heart rate.

The Pure Austin Driveway Series

Elizabeth Kreutz

Eight years ago, Elizabeth Kreutz photographed the Tour de France for the first time, following the race in an RV with her husband and professional triathlete, James Bonney. Her photography soon caught the eye of Newsweek, and since then, sports photography has taken Kreutz around the world, from the Beijing Olympics to the Giro d’Italia as Lance Armstrong’s personal photographer. A native Austinite and lifelong athlete herself, Kreutz stresses the importance of establishing a connection with her subjects: "I try to find the human side of sports," she observes, "the moments that other people eight never get to see." Whether she’s photographing weddings or a grueling triathlon, Kreutz maintains her 50-50 principle—equal parts photography and relationship to her subjects.

Foodie Style Crushes

Fancy Fridays at Houndstooth Coffee

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