Cool Kids On The Block

Cool Kids On The Block

Three creative couples illustrate their takes on the neighborhoods they love.


Avalon McKenzie + Cody Haltom | Clarksville

Why They Love It: “My favorite thing about Clarksville is being able to walk places. Having lived in NYC and Philly, I always loved being able to walk instead of drive,” Avalon says. “Now I get to walk to work, Lady Bird Lake, BookPeople and the farmers market, which is awesome. I also love shopping for gifts at El Interior. They have really great embroidered art and oilcloth.”

How They Met: “We met for the first time in 2011 at a Pecha Kucha event hosted at Austin Speed Shop. Lauren Smith Ford (TRIBEZA’s editor) played matchmaker, and we met for a second time at the TRIBEZA 10-Year Anniversary party, where Cody asked me to dinner.”

Date Night: Josephine House, Cipollina, Winflo

Avalon McKenzie ( is a graphic designer and illustrator, and works as a senior designer on the Global Marketing Team at Whole Foods Market.


Mason McFee + Jess Rose Clark | Dawson

Why They Love It: Big trees, friendly people and things to explore.

How They Met: “My friend told me about Mason—‘he’s really tall and he makes a lot of art,’” Jessica recalls. “Shortly after, we ended up meeting and talking at a local watering hole. I didn’t realize he was the aforementioned artist until two weeks later when he joined me on a trip to New York to see old friends.”

Date Night: “Lucy’s for beer and bites or Home Slice seats at the bar. Tacos from El Tacorrido or Habanero just about every other day. It’s addictive!”

Mason ( and Jessica ( work from their home studio on graphic design and illustration projects for a variety of clients. They collaborate on Crummy House (, an art and publishing project they started three years ago.


Eleanor Bartosh + Adam Rasmus | Manor Rd

Why They Love It: “Our neighborhood has such an eclectic mix of people, restaurants and businesses—there is a real vitality to it,” Eleanor says. “It’s constantly growing and minutes from downtown, yet feels just removed enough. Mostly, it’s just great to turn down our street and have it feel like home.”

How They Met: When Adam left Ballet Austin to start his creative firm, Eleanor took over his position. “One night, he came to help me at a performance, and we got a drink afterward at the Eastside Showroom. We’ve been together ever since.”

Date Night: “We love Contigo for cocktails and small plates,” she says.

Eleanor Bartosh is a designer and digital strategist for PwC. Adam Rasmus is founding partner and creative director at creative (


This duo is all about the pedestrian lifestyle that comes from living in Clarksville.
Avalon McKenzie shares her take on the Clarksville staples for where to shop, have a coffee or get a workout.
“We love our house because it is just big enough for the two of us. In a loving sort of way, it’s how we got the name of our art project, Crummy House,” Mason McFee says of the bungalow he shares with his girlfriend, Jessica Clark.
McFee & Clark in their studio.
Mason & Jessica's take on Dawson.
 “For this project, we tag-teamed the illustrations of the buildings, Adam took charge of the colors and layout and I lent my handwriting as a final touch.”
Eleanor Bartosh from a cozy seat on her patio. She is pictured with her boyfriend, Adam Rasmus.