Nils Juul Hansen's Flat Track Coffee

Nils Juul Hansen's Flat Track Coffee

Flat Track Coffee
913 E. Cesar Chavez St.
(512) 814 6010

Typically, on school mornings, after I drop my kids off and swim in Barton Springs, I find a great cup of coffee and a good conversation to go with it. Local coffee seems to inspire those moments, and we are quite lucky to have a very devoted local coffee community here of operators, roasters and baristas who take pride in their job. Since moving here 12 years ago from Los Angeles, I've watched the city grow and add more dimension to the neighborhoods. Austin inspires free-spirited original entrepreneurial thinking, and parts of it reminds me of Copenhagen, where I hark from. A friend of mine calls it a Peter Pan Village. Small wonder my kids love it here. I'm proud that they can call Austin home.

Nowhere is that charm more obvious than east of I-35. East Austin reminds me of Copenhagen in spirit, and I love the strong sense of community that I find there. As with the rest of Austin, all you have to do is say hi and you might discover that the tattooed girl on her bicycle is actually an avid urban bird watcher, and in her day job she holds quite a powerful position, locally, with a Fortune 500 company...and the guys over there with the beards that look like they're going hunting...they're the best design team in town and have designed logos for numerous local businesses.

Every morning like clockwork, I seek refuge at Flat Track. They are the new kids on the block, and I'm a big kid myself. Flat Track offers their own single-origin whole-bean coffees, espressos that change and notably organic milk that they use for their cappucinos. The two partners, Matt and Sterling, are childhood friends from Fort Worth, and they named their tiny retail spot Flat Track after a classic motorcycle oval race track. (They even let me pull in my classic '64 Honda Dream one day just to see if it could be done.) They like stuff that moves.

I can always count on meeting new people there and running into friends. Call it a coffee-centric get away. In Denmark we have something called “hygge” that roughly translates into a kind of lo-fi cozy...something that warms you up from within. “Hygge” is a general term that we use a lot.

At Flat Track, I find both the “hygge” and a good cup of coffee.

With a broad range of interests, Nils Juul Hansen has enjoyed a career as a commercial photographer/director/producer and is currently becoming a realtor because he loves people and neighborhoods, but he’s also writing a funny self help book about women and men in marriages based on his own life experience.