Stylish Dwelling

Stylish Dwelling

Elizabeth Mollen, owner of Stone Textile, gives us a sneak peek at her collection of chic home accessories.

Gathering inspiration from fashion, architecture, vintage jewelry, Art Deco and Austin’s Scarborough Building, Elizabeth Mollen has imagined a collection of polished home accessories fit for any modern nest. The line features tabletop accessories, like place mats and napkin rings, as well as pillows, blankets and fabric by the yard.

Mollen, who grew up in Chicago, fell in love with Austin while studying fashion design at the University of Texas at Austin. After graduation, Mollen and her husband, Russell, whom she met at UT, moved to Los Angeles. In LA she built up her fashion cred while working for fashion design brand Riser Goodwyn.

When Mollen and her husband returned to Austin, she knew she wanted to continue her textile design career. “I love designing my own fabrics. My grandmother was an antiques dealer and I use the jewelry she’s given me to inspire my textile patterns.”

Stay tuned for the online debut of the Stone Textile collection in November.


Mollen's moodboard
The collection features eco-friendly options.
Elizabeth Mollen