2011 Eater Awards by Kaci Borowski

It is not surprising to anyone who has spent a fair amount of time in Austin that we are known for our good food and good times. A city chock-full of culinary innovation and creative establishments, we've set the pace for others to follow.

Eater.com, a website dedicated to all things food, has released the winners of their 2011 Eater Awards and Austin's fingerprints are all over the list. Nominees were chosen by local editors in 13 cities and were voted upon by readers. Austin was heavily represented in the national categories, as well as having awards for local eateries and establishments. The list of winners can be found after the jump. Congratulations to all!

Restaurant of the Year, Austin
Nominees: La Condesa, Uchi, Barley Swine, Uchiko, Foreign and
Domestic, parkside, Congress
Winner: Barley Swine

So Hot Right Now, Austin
Nominees: Franklin Barbecue, Contigo, Bacon, JMueller BBQ,
Barley Swine, Noble Pig, Justine's
Winner: Contigo

Chef of the Year, Austin
Nominees: Shawn Cirkiel (parkside), Tyson Cole (Uchi, Uchiko),
Paul Qui (Uchiko), David Bull (Congress), James Holmes (Olivia), Josh
Watkins (The Carillon), Bryce Gilmore (Barley Swine), Rene Ortiz (La
Winner: Paul Qui (Uchiko)

Bartender of the Year, Austin
Nominees: David Alan (Tipsy Texan), Pam Pritchard (Tigress),
Josh Loving (FINO), Bill Norris (Alamo Draft House), Houston Eaves
(Contigo), Chauncey James (East Side Showroom), Adam Bryan (2nd Bar,
Bar Congress), Lara Nixon (Tigress/Bad Dog Bar Craft)
Winner: Chauncey James (East Side Showroom)

Best Bathroom, Austin
Nominees: Bartlett's, Paggi House, Donn's Depot, Lamberts,
Vivo, Athenian Grill, Perry's Steakhouse, Headliners Club
Winner: Donn's Depot

Food Truck of the Year, Austin
Nominees: East Side King, Peached Tortilla, Odd Duck,
Cazamance, Chi'lantro, Bits & Druthers, JMueller BBQ, Rosie's Al
Winner: Peached Tortilla



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