Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Chenoweth

Photography by Jeff Stockton

Set on East Second Street behind Jennifer Chenoweth's hundred-year-old home, Fisterra Studio has become a staple of the East Side art scene. It has been a destination on E.A.S.T. since the tour's inception and it has been featured on the Art Night Austin E.A.S.T. tour for the past two years. And while at times Chenoweth turns her home into a gallery, showcasing other artists' work, it is her own contemporary, abstract paintings and sculptures that continue to attract art-lovers to Fisterra.

"Carnival Balloon Game: Trophy wall'" 2010. Plaster, pigment, wood and fake fur

A part of the artist community, Chenoweth says: "I love the East Austin Studio Tour. I have thousands of people through my home and studio each year, and it is wonderful to inspire and be inspired each fall during this show. In November 2010, I had five guest artists who were amazing."

Sphere of Influence, 2010

Chenoweth is known for incorporating all approaches of art making in mixed media, from careful rendering in oil paint, to casting concrete in modular forms, to outsourced fabrication with industrial finishes.

Detail from Chenoweth's Wayfinding installation. Steel, paper, plaster, paint, area shown 72″x90″, 2010. Photography by Ben Aqua

She explains: “I make contemporary abstract paintings and sculptures. There are a few specific themes you will see running through the work: geometric repeating patterns, irregular shapes that become characters with their own qualities, making and breaking rules, and an obsession with color relationships. Sometimes my ideas manifest as cast concrete arches, sometimes as squiggly lines.”
"Santa Maria de Fiore," 2011. Oil and charcoal on steel hemispheres. Photography by Jeff Stockton.

Aside from her art, Chenoweth is working on her website,, an online gallery dedicated to raising money for nonprofits and artists. Through the site, artists are provided with a vehicle to sell their work, keeping 40 percent of the proceeds while another 40 percent goes to a nonprofit and the remaining 20 percent goes to sustaining Generous Art. She is currently working to add more artists. She says: "I'm very excited about it, it is my legacy project and reflects all my values."

"Energy," 2009. Triptych, enamel on stainless steel. Photography by Christopher Caselli.

Don't miss Jennifer Chenoweth during Art Night Austin on Saturday, February 26. Her work will be featured at the grayDUCK pop up gallery. For tickets, which start at $75, click here

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