Chef's Table Series: Parkside

Join Chef Shawn Cirkiel at Parkside for an intimate dinner showcasing the best of summer flavors during the TRIBEZA Chef’s Table Series. The evening will kick off with a cocktail hour and passed hors d’oeuvres and continue with five courses crafted with attention to local and seasonal ingredients.

Chef Cirkiel’s commitment to local foods began at an early age: “Growing up on a farm and cooking everyday led me to where I am,” he notes. “One day, a chef said to get serious and go to school, which is what I did.” A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Cirkiel became a founding chef of the Sustainable Food Center’s Farmers’ Market and has garnered recognition for his unique gastropub concept. Parkside fuses innovative cuisine with a warm, inviting atmosphere, earning the restaurant a place among the “Hot 10 New American Taverns” of 2009 by Bon Appetit Magazine. Guests can expect to see the distinct flavors of summer reworked in unexpected ways, including ceviche with cucumber sorbet and a beef duo with watermelon couscous. Chef Cirkiel remarks, “I hope all our friends think of [Chef’s Table] as a perfect dinner party.”

Chef Cirkiel discusses his cuisine and the TRIBEZA Chef’s Table Series.

Q: What was your inspiration behind the menu for Chef’s Table?
We just looked at the market and from there started writing. The beginning of summer is such an exciting time to write a menu and it works out perfectly. The hardest part was not trying to cram everything in to the menu.

Q: Have there been any experiences in your culinary career that have particularly shaped your culinary aesthetic?
Everything and everyday shapes me a little bit. I think treating ingredients well and treating guests as friends have particularly shaped who I am.

Q: Are there any seasonal ingredients you are especially looking forward to working with this summer?
Tomatoes and Corn are the best parts of summer!

Q: How was your approach to an intimate dining experience like Chef’s Table different from your approach to Parkside as a whole?
With Chef’s Table, I can shrink the portions a bit and focus on the aesthetic beauty and flow of the meal since everyone is getting the same thing. I get a little more control of the overall experience!

Parkside is located at 301 East Sixth Street and may be reached at (512) 474 9898.

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