Chef's Table Series: TRIO

On Tuesday, June 28 and Wednesday, June 29, join Chef Todd Duplechan, Chef de Cuisine of TRIO at the Four Seasons, for an intimate dining experience. The TRIO installment of TRIBEZA’s Chef’s Table Series is a four-course dinner celebrating the bounty of summer, and Chef Duplechan will accompany guests in TRIO’s private dining room as he reveals the concepts behind his cuisine.

Chef Duplechan entered the culinary world out of necessity, when he began working at a barbecue restaurant at the age of seventeen. “Eating and cooking is part of daily life in my family,” he says, though he hadn’t considered being a chef until a friend suggested it. “I started looking into what that meant – what happens when you become a chef. How will my life be different if I aspire to better food?” After receiving his degree in culinary arts in Denver, Chef Duplechan trained as a sushi chef for five years at Tommy Tsunami in Colorado and the Hyatt Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands. He then began building a diverse resume of experiences, from a Tuscan olive oil farm to working with noted New York City chefs such as David Bouley and Tom Colicchio. It was in New York that Chef Duplechan began to cultivate his ingredient-driven culinary aesthetic. “Everybody that I worked for in New York is different,” he admits, “but they were all the same in one way: the ingredients you get dictate what you put out. We get in quality stuff and we manipulate it.”

Chef Duplechan shares his thoughts on TRIO and the upcoming Chef’s Table Series.

Q: What was your inspiration behind the menu for TRIBEZA Chef’s Table?
I’m going to be in the room, explaining the food. I was thinking about how I am going to be out there myself and excited by this dinner – how am I going to keep it fresh and exciting? You kind of know what to expect from yourself, so I put a little bit of the creativity in other people’s hands. I left it to some of my senior cooks to finish the plates, so that even I will be surprised a bit. For me, being out there will be about thinking on my feet, creating a conversation piece. It’s not the same-old, same-old. I wanted it to be fun and a little different.

Q: TRIO’s menu is a fusion of European, Asian, and American traditions. How does this fusion reflect Texan cuisine?
All of those different traditions use things that grow locally for them in their different climates. That’s something we do here at the Four Seasons. We live in a global world in many levels, especially the global cuisine world. The world is so small that you can have world-class Japanese food in Austin, TX. I’m drawing inspiration from these traditions – I don’t do classic interpretations. I try to get the reasoning behind those dishes, why this goes with this. I want to know the reason why two things are paired together.

Q: Are there any flavors you are particularly excited to work with this season?
Every year in summertime in Texas, there’s the anticipation of tomatoes coming back around. Tomatoes just started really showing up again two weeks ago, and when I first got those Sun Gold cherry tomatoes and had them in my hand, I started shaking a little bit in anticipation of eating them. I like interesting, strange things, but I enjoy eating things that are outstanding on their own, like these tomatoes. I am excited about things being truly perfect when I get them.

TRIO is located at 98 San Jacinto Blvd.




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