Countdown to the 137th Kentucky Derby by Sarah Reeves

With a custom hat from Laura del Villaggio with Milli Star and a custom Beth Elis dress at Gilda Grace, I was finally ready for the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby. The real star of the show was my dad’s horse, Mucho Macho Man. My dad, Dean Reeves, owner of Reeves Thoroughbred Racing, purchased the majority ownership of MMM last year and its been an amazing ride ever since.

Day 1- I arrived on Tuesday. Just in time for a quick trip to the barn to visit MMM and then back to get ready for the Owner/Trainers Dinner.

Day 2- Up early, which I’m totally not used to (I’m in retail for a reason!) and off to the barn to see MMM go out on the track. It’s packed as if it’s the day of the Derby.

Reporters and camera crews are following around my dad and the trainer, Kathy Ritvo. Kathy was the recipient of a heart transplant just two years ago and is an incredible woman.

Next, the Derby Draw on live TV. Once we got our post position, everyone for Mucho Macho Man clapped and screamed — We were so excited to get lucky 13 and it wasn’t even race day yet! We finished up the night at the Media Party where I saw Bobby Flay (who just purchased himself a philly for the Oaks).

Day 3- Thursday was another early day at the barn, followed up with a party that Reeves Thoroughbred Racing threw for Mucho Macho Man. We were celebrating how happy we were to be a part of the Kentucky Derby with bluegrass music and derby pies.

Day 4- Derby Oaks day! Everyone wore pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Churchill Downs looks amazing.

Day 5- D-Day!
It had finally come! Mucho Macho Man was ready to race in the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby! It was an anxious day but really special.

As a lover of both fashion and sports, I can officially say that the Kentucky Derby is the best-dressed sporting event around!

A few of us got to walk over to the barn on the track (very special indeed!) to be with MMM before the race. As it came closer to the race, my whole family got to walk with our horse on his track minutes before the race. It was tough to keep up — he IS a racehorse!

It was all nerves in the Paddock except for MMM. As we got up to our owner’s boxes to watch the race, MMM gracefully walked into the starting gate.

AND THEY’RE OFF! The 2 most exciting minutes in sports later, Mucho Macho Man had an amazing race and finished third in the Kentucky Derby! It was a total dream come true for my dad. We are very proud and ready for the next race!

For more Information on MMM, click here.

Sarah Reeves is the owner of Plain Ivey Jane, a high-end womens closeout boutique located in the 2nd Street District of Austin, TX.

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