Fitness Thursday: Row Your Boat for Fitness by Paige Turner

Take a break from the traditional workout routines and give rowing a try. What better way to shed the pounds than to enjoy some time in the water at Lady Bird Lake? If you haven't been convinced yet, we rounded up a few great reasons why rowing can be your perfect summer workout.

Not only is rowing a great way to cross train and enjoy some open air, it tones and conditions your body while maintaining no-impact exercise. Runners, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts alike can enjoy all that rowing has to offer without skipping a beat in their fitness regimen. Rowing is a simple and almost seamless way of sculpting your legs, glutes, abs, back, chest and arm muscles. Face it, there's no down side!

We recommend paying the rowing experts at the Rowing Dock a visit. There are tons of helpful staff and equipment to get you rowing. Rowing Dock offers a free monthly introduction to rowing class to get a feel for the sport. You can also enjoy free exercise classes on the rowing machines to make sure rowing is right for you!

The two types of membership offered at Rowing Dock are guaranteed to provide you with everything you need to get into the rowing groove. We recommend the all-sports membership, which boasts free kayak and paddle boat rentals, exclusive group coaching sessions, access to rowing machines and more.

Bring the whole family to Lady Bird Lake for a summer full of fitness and fun. Enjoy the perks of membership while the kids stay active at Rowing Dock Summer Camp. Red Cross certified counselors ensure each day of camp is jam-packed with awesome activities for your children while they learn the benefits of healthy living.

Ditch the running shoes and trade them in for paddles this summer! Once you start rowing, you won't be able to stop!

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