Introducing Your New Wedding Blogger

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This is the part where I gush about how much I love weddings. Ever since I was a little girl, I wore gowns pretending I was the bride in my very own marriage and carefully planned every last detail of my would-be engagement. That sure would explain why I’ve come to Austin to become the new wedding blogger for TRIBEZA!

But we all know I’d be lying through my teeth.

Enter Exhibit A: Carol Shih. A recent graduate of Duke University who majored in Public Policy (I know you’re all thinking, “....what’s that?”) and ought to be in D.C. working for some hotshot government official or some humanity-lovin’ nonprofit organization. Instead I’ll be writing blog posts about flowers, cakes, engagement photos, etcetera get the picture! You would also think that I’m either married or in a relationship with a guy I’d like to be married to at least, but no, I am single. Like a single-patty cheeseburger, single.

But being single AND a policy hound doesn’t mean that I still don’t like looking at pretty pictures and designer dresses. For a long time, The New York Times' wedding section became my secret addiction because I am a cynical romantic. (It’s a Jekyll-and-Hyde thing.) I used to try and disguise my love of love, but one day all the girlishness inside of me finally burst out and I decided to admit my true feelings. “Fine,” I told myself. “I like weddings. I like weddings because it makes me happy to know that other people are happy and maybe I'll believe that people can stay in love forever.”

Plus, I’m really into planning and details. And when I get into wedding details, there is no stopping this machine.

If any of you ladies and gents are tying the knot this summer, let me know, so I can feature you in this blog! I’ll share your story, a few pictures, your wedding details and make the feature something you can look back to on your 20th wedding anniversary and say, “Awwww.” If you’re not getting married and you still have some ideas for posts, send them my way! Email me at, and I’ll do my best to keep this blog a place you can bookmark forever and ever.... until death do us part....


Rita Quinn wrote 3 years 9 weeks ago

From one love addict to another...

Love the article. Love weddings. And dare I say, love you and your sassy attitude! Can't wait to read more... {heart}

Linda wrote 3 years 9 weeks ago

You ARE googleable! :D P.S.

You ARE googleable! :D

P.S. Nice intro. Look forward to reading more blogging.

Liana wrote 3 years 10 weeks ago


AHHHHHHH this is so exciting!! omgosh wedding coverages?!?! AHHH!!

H.... wrote 3 years 10 weeks ago

i am your BIGGEST fan. :)

i am your BIGGEST fan. :) don't worry. i'll gush about the weddings too.

Katherine wrote 3 years 10 weeks ago

LOVE IT! Can't wait to read more!

Yay! I'm looking forward to your posts!

Samantha Clepper wrote 3 years 10 weeks ago


"until death do us part...." sounds just a tad bit ominous. Haha! What a gem.

Jack wrote 3 years 11 weeks ago

Great! I am already a fan.

Great! I am already a fan. Hope to read more!!

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