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Looking great doesn’t come cheap. My “personal care” budget sometimes gets stretched way too thin (read: there is no budget at all, just rampant spending). I seem to just get a massage, facial, wax or mani-pedi when I feel like it, ignoring the front desk girls who try to book my next appointment when I leave. Sometimes I get all of them in the same month, sometimes months apart. How can you budget for something you don’t really know when will occur? The answer: you need a beauty schedule. You need a Hiatus Spa Membership.

For a one time $29 initiation fee and $59 (Platinum) or $69 (Gold) monthly, you can become an H-Circle Member. This membership entitles you to one essential service per month, plus significant discounts on any additional services. Choose between Hiatus Massage, Hiatus Facial, Hiatus Body Glow, Revitalizing Body Wrap, or Mani-Pedi Retreat each month.

One month I had a massage. The next, a facial (fair warning: extractions are $10 extra), and the next month I had, by far, the most relaxing and perfect mani-pedi I have ever had - and ladies, I’ve mani-pedi’d all across the country. This is no flaky endorsement. This was THE BEST mani-pedi I have ever experienced. I waltzed in there thinking I was going to do a bunch of multitasking emailing/texting/gossip magazine reading and instead was promptly placed almost upside down in a zero-gravity chair with a mask over my eyes. The relaxation was forced and so, so necessary. I just now looked down at my toes- that was 5 weeks ago and the polish still looks good.

Now I rotate my beauty services, and feel so much more organized that I know I am going to do one of them per month. Personal care has a defined amount in my budget and I have a recurring appointment in my calendar. If I need an additional service, I know I am getting a good deal with my member discount. Members get priority appointment booking, 10% off retail purchases, complimentary birthday add-on, and 25% off each unique guest’s visit.

I am also a big fan of the decor. If it wasn’t considered universally creepy to take camera-phone pictures in locker rooms, I would. I want to remodel my entire bathroom to resemble Hiatus Spa.

Hiatus Spa + Retreat
1611 W. 5th St.
(512) 362 5777

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