Restaurant Wednesday: Belgian Waffle Co by Katie Brown


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Now that spring has sprung, we are out in force, exploring the city before the sweltering summer comes upon us. Join us on our weekly culinary adventures with Restaurant Wednesday, when we share newly-discovered tasty bites from across the city. 

Austin welcomes a new food truck in town that has the potential to turn a breakfast staple, the waffle, into a savory lunch or a rich dessert. The Belgian Waffle Co trailer will make you never want to eat an Eggo again—one taste of their unforgettable Waffles de Liege and you will be sold! The perfect combination of crispy, soft and delicious, these waffles are the stuff of dreams.

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The owner of Belgian Waffle Co recently moved from Belgium to Austin in order to bring his great tasting waffles to some appreciative food truck lovers. These authentically delicious waffles come in regular, cinnamon, or chocolate and can be dressed with breakfast, lunch or dessert toppings. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the food truck also offers an array of sweet and savory toppings, including eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, onions, cheese, butter, strawberries, Nutella and even BBQ sauce (gotta throw a Texas twist in there somewhere!).

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These waffles are no American phonies, as the dough used to create these waffles is imported straight from Belgium. The Waffle de Liege is made from a richer and sweeter dough, with its main ingredient being Belgian pearl sugar. During preparation, waffle irons are carefully set to the perfect temperature in order to melt and caramelize the pearl sugar, producing a crispy and cakey texture with a soft and warm center.

Visit The Belgian Waffle Co. website for truck locations. Like them on Facebook, and/or follow them on Twitter and Instagram @BWCAustin.

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