SXSW Weekend Essentials by Katie Brown

Gearing up to head to Austin this weekend to enjoy the last of the excitement that is the music portion of South by Southwest? Before you do that, there are 5 basic essentials that every music festival buff and newbie alike must acquire in order to have the best possible time this weekend. 

1. Fanny Pack. I have recently discovered just how great fanny packs are for attending concerts and festivals. Tying one around your waist instantly makes your hands free for optimal dancing. Also, your cash and credit cards are sure to be safe, as you won't have to keep up with a purse hanging over your shoulder. Try this fun and colorful one from American Apparel, or nurture your creative side and DIY


2. Comfy Shoes. My absolute favorite go to concert shoes are Toms. They are comfy, so jumping up and down at concerts becomes less tiresome, and walking is a breeze. Try the crochet style for great breathability and comfort. Your outfit and your feet will thank you.

3. A Raincoat. With the indecisive Texas weather, you never know when a sudden raincloud will appear overhead. Conquer the rain with a protective and stylish raincoat, like this denim parka from Gap

4. Cheap Sunglasses. Walking, dancing, eating, drinking and fun. With the right planning, these words will describe your music filled weekend. For this event, put away your beloved ray bans for a couple days – you don’t want “broken” and “sad” to be in your weekend’s description. Try these trendy colorblock sunglasses from Urban Outfitters

5. Protective Moisturizer. There always stands the chance of that hot southern sun beating down on your delicate skin, so it is important to protect it. For prime protection, try Estée Lauder’s new DayWear anti-oxidant cream, which is oil free (perfect for the Austin humidity) and contains SPF 25.

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