Tequila 512 by Jacy Schleier

We all know how much Austin loves tequila-- whether it be in a margarita or a shot dressed with salt and lime. Well folks, there's a new tequila on the market and it's local to our beloved city. Tequila 512 has been creating quite a bit of buzz around town since its launch last November.

Tequila 512's story began with a young graduate's passion for the Austin live music scene. Willis, a local Austinite, began with a career in technology but decided to follow that passion to become part of Austin's unique culture. "I figured the liquor business and the music business go hand and hand," says Willis. "It's all about making people happy."

So Willis ventured into the spirits business, but not before studying the distillation process and recognizing Austin's love of tequila. He wanted to capture the essence of Austin in both the product and the brand of his own label of tequila. After almost five years, he found a way to put the soul of Austin into a product that's not made here.

"My tequila is like Austin -- high quality without the pretense," says Willis. So next time you're in the mood for a straight tequila night (or just a little tequila night), give Tequila 512 a taste and you'll realize what the buzz is about.

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