Tool and Tack: Canoe

Don't miss the Tool and Tack Pop-Up Shop - Saturday, October 15, 4-9pm Gray Duck Gallery (608 W. Monroe St. off S. 1st)

For the Tool and Tack Pop-Up Shop, Canoe will partner with clothing and accessory lines Forage and Wood & Faulk for the event at Gray Duck Gallery. At this “gentleman’s pop-up,” Natalie Davis of locally based retail site Canoe says, “Folks can expect a well-edited selection of affordable vintage clothing, work boots, handmade bow ties, leather accessories, bags and a damn good time, ” which will be enhanced with cocktails, beers and antipasti from Salt & Time, a cured meats and pickles company owned by Davis’ husband, Ben Runkle.

+How did you create the concept for the event? How did you decide who would be the best vendors for it?

The Tool and Tack Pop-Up Shop came from the idea of bringing like-minded designers together to showcase quality men's goods and a commitment to craft. As a designer and craftsperson, I spend a lot of time obsessing over the materials and tools to create my wares. That's how I came up with the name, Tool & Tack. I brought in Matt, Christine, and Shauna and Stephen because I absolutely LOVE what they do. Even though we all make different things, we draw from the same inspiration for our work, so it was a natural fit to bring them into Tool & Tack. I thought it would be wonderful to present our shared authentic quality in one shopping destination.

+What can people who attend the event expect that night?

People visiting Tool & Tack can expect to find quality leather goods, affordable heritage American clothing, work boots, bow ties, waxed canvas bags, belts, and modern jewelry for both men and women. You'll get to meet the makers, learn how to tie a bow tie, enjoy some quality bourbon, beer, and antipasti from Salt & Time, all while shopping at a truly unique event. Although we're calling it a Gentleman's Pop Up Shop, there will be plenty for the ladies, including tomboy styling tips. It'll be a relaxed and fun evening.

+What's new/upcoming that canoe is working on?

Canoe just launched our new collection of leather keychains, which are now available at the shop Tool and Tack will be the debut of Canoe’s new collaborative jewelry project with Christine Fail, called Fail+Canoe. Fail+Canoe is an elegant mix of our two styles--rustic leather and hammered brass--combined in our Outlaw collection with various bracelets and cuffs for both men and women. We also have a more paired down collection for women called the Tierra collection. Catch sneak peeks this week of both on the Tool and Tack blog -


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