Tool and Tack: Wood & Faulk

Don't miss the Tool and Tack Pop-Up Shop - Saturday, October 15, 4-9pm Gray Duck Gallery (608 W. Monroe St. off S. 1st)

Wood & Faulk by Matt Pierce, a DIY contributor for Design*Sponge, offers bags and belts “crafted for the craftsman."

 +When/how did you decide to create Wood & Faulk?
I started Wood & Faulk in November of last year. I felt like I had some ideas I wanted to share, and figured it'd be good to get things out and start a dialogue about projects and processes I wanted to experiment with. I thought there had to be someone else interested in the same stuff that I am.

+What's your favorite personal accessory? Why/where did you find it?
My favorite personal accessory has to be my watch. It’s nothing fancy, but it was my high school graduation gift from my parents. I got the band in a little watch shop in England shortly thereafter. I get nervous if I forget to put it on.

+What can we expect for your Fall collection?
Fall collection... well, heck, I'm not even sure what to expect! Wood & Faulk started out as a dialogue, not a label or a line... but I can't deny that it's not going there. The next big addition will be a refined camp stool, but that doesn't seem to fit a 'label' really? It's exciting to see where this thing will lead and what items and objects come into the fold.

+Why are you looking forward to visiting Austin?
I've never been to Austin! I've heard so many great things and I'm excited to check it out. I grew up in the Midwest, so I love getting back to the center of the country.

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