TRIBEZA Playlist: The Roosevelts

Hailing from our very own Live Music Capital, James Mason and Jason Kloess are The Roosevelts, a singer-songwriting duo with an ear for the beauty in melancholy. Poised between the quiet tenderness of My Morning Jacket and the ballads of John Mayer, Mason and Kloess spin musical narratives of heartbreak and longing.

Next month, the duo will release its debut EP, Cold Sheets, recorded with renowned producer Dwight Baker, who has formerly produced albums by Bob Schneider and Kelly Clarkson. The EP’s requisite eponymous song, “Cold Sheets,” is a poignant plea to an old lover for one last evening together: “The hardest part of moving on,” Mason croons, “is finding grace when love is gone.” Thoughtful lyrics and a synthesis of diverse Americana, singer-songwriter and pop influences couple to create a memorable debut.

Join the Roosevelts on May 3 at Stubb’s BBQ for the Cold Sheets release party. Mason and Kloess will be performing with Nelo and the Ghost Wolves.

The Roosevelts Release Party
Friday, May 3, 9pm
Stubb’s BBQ
801 Red River St.

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