Walton's Fancy and Staple: Florals to Cakes and All the Treats in Between by Lisa Siva

Walton's Fancy and Staple's marketing, PR, and events manager Casie Stoltz dishes on that oh-so-important wedding element—the cake! Walton's elegant designs never compromise flavor for flourish. And the sweetest part? All of their delicious confections are made from all-natural ingredients!

A purveyor of exquisite floral arrangements for 30 years, Walton’s Fancy and Staple has become an Austin institution.


However, two years ago, when it moved into its current historic Sixth Street location, Austinites found yet another aspect of Walton’s to celebrate: dessert. Pastry chef Sandi Reinlie creates delectable cakes that rely on flavor and freshness rather than extravagant displays. In lieu of more ostentatious yet less tasty fondant sculptures, Walton’s devotees can expect more melt-in-your-mouth butter cream frostings and quality ingredients.


But don't think that means their designs aren't show stopping. These darling Tiffany Petit Fours and the flower-topped cupcakes would be the perfect complement to any bridal luncheon. Walton's is a must for brides-to-be seeking all-natural flavor and gorgeous craftsmanship. At TRIBEZA Wedding Day, guests will have the chance to sample three of the bakery’s delicious creations, including the famous honeybee cake, which doubles perfectly as a groom’s cake. Guests can also look forward to Walton’s famous Aunt Ludy’s White Trash, a crispy cereal mix that makes for delightful wedding favors. And brides won't want to miss the exciting cake competition—Walton’s will be serving up some of its hard to beat confections.

Q: Walton’s meets the needs of a variety of events. What initially drew you to catering weddings in particular?
A: We have an industrial-strength kitchen that can handle large events. Catering has always been one of Walton's goals and it really started to pick up from people loving what we were doing on a smaller scale in store. We take a lot of pride in making long lasting relationships with our customers and building friendships, that makes it a very easy transition for us, wanting to help our friends create an amazing day that they will remember forever. Whether you're selecting from one of our many staple menu items or inventing something event-specific—we can help you dream it, plan it, and execute it from delivery to clean up.

Q: If you could cater a wedding for any celebrity who would it be?
A: I mean, how fun would it be to consult on Miss Piggy's wedding, she is fabulous and knows exactly what she wants!

Q: What is the most extravagant cake you have created for a wedding?
A: We take pride in our wedding cakes being very classic, simple, and elegant with a homemade flair. So for us at Walton's it is not all about extravagant decor and embellishments, it is all about the taste and making sure that each cake is made with love.

Q: What is one piece of advice that you would give to brides-to-be?
A: I think the biggest piece of advice is to follow your heart and choose what you love. We really enjoy working closely with the brides and tailoring their cake and flowers to compliment their wedding perfectly.

Q: Can you describe the design process? How long does it take to make the actual cake?
A: Our pastry chef, Sandi Reinlie, has an amazing knack with coming up with ideas. She travels all over the world for inspiration for our cakes and pastries, it is always fun to see what she comes up with. The design process really depends on how much direction she is given, a picture is always a great place to start when a bride comes in for her cake tasting. The entire process from start (mixing and baking) to finish (decorating) generally takes about two days.

Q: Without ruining the surprise, can you give us a hint as to what will make your cake stand out in the TRIBEZA Wedding Day cake competition?
A: Our focus is always flavor, so we will be showcasing some of our most popular flavors that we make in-house everyday. We use all natural ingredients and real butter so all of the flavors are very exciting and fresh. We love to customize our cakes with items that are personal and fun, we have a few touches that I think will be an unexpected surprise for guests!

Walton's Fancy and Staple is located downtown at 609 West Sixth Street.

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